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New brochure "ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY AND SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION" - Download in pdf format by clicking here.

Implementation of the Grand Lake project in Abu Simbel, Egypt
2nd generation Multipurpose Seafood Processing line for value added products at HAVICO in Vietnam (May 2004)

Egypt PSD Programme - Technical assistance under the Start Up facility (February 2004).

Multipurpose Seafood Processing at CASEAFOOD in Vietnam.
New partner in Poland.
Sojusrybprom, Kaliningrad - Business Plan.
Koga Maris, Poland - Technical assistance for SAPARD application.
Latvia - HACCP.
Email service.
Second hand equipment
Superfish, Poland - Raw material handling and silage production.

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Grand Lake, Egypt - Implementation of the project.

Grand Lake ” is an Egyptian company having been established in 2004. The company is presently active in trading with fish being caught by artisan fishermen in Lake Nasser and landed in the fishing port of Abu Simbel . It is the company’s objective to increase its scope of business into fishing and processing of fish from Lake Nasser having been caught by artisan fishermen and being caught or farmed through the company’s own activities. The fish species are Nile tilapia, Nile perch and catfish. The fish will be marketed and sold on the national market as fresh, iced fish and on the export markets as processed fish fillets.  

The company has entered into a license contract on a rundown fish processing plant in Abu Simbel and intends to restructure the buildings and install up-to-date processing equipment all to meet the demands for producing and placing of fish products on the market, as given in “Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2004 on the hygiene on foodstuffs”.

The company has furthermore obtained licenses for fishing in Lake Nasser and for establishing fish farming activities in four huge creeks on the east bank of Lake Nasser .  

It is anticipated that complete implementation will take 12 months starting from 1 January 2005 and is financed by International Leasing & Investment Co, Kuwait.

Raw material supply will build up gradually through the first year of operation after implementation has been completed and will reach a daily supply of 40 tonnes of fish of which 20 tonnes comes from artisan fishing, 10 tonnes from the company’s own fishing activities and 10 tonnes from the company’s fish farming activities.

During the first year a total of 8.100 tonnes of fish will be supplied to the company of which 4.300 tonnes will be sold as fresh fish on the national market in Cairo and 3.800 tonnes will be processed into fresh, chilled and frozen fillets all to be sold on the export markets

More about the project in Egypt - click here.                                                                          

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(February 2005)

Processing plant in Abu Simbel.

Development of 2nd generation Multipurpose Seafood Processing line for value-added products.

During the design and tendering of the production control system for CASEAFOOD, SEAQIP has entered into cooperation with another Vietnamese seafood processor HAVICO in Vung Tau on the planning and assistance in manufacturing and delivery of the 2nd generation of the MSP lines as presented in Nha Trang last year in November.

Based on the experiences gained on planning, manufacturing, implementation and testing of the MSP lines at CASEAFOOD it is evident that the planning and preparation of layouts with the new MSP lines is of outmost importance for a successful implementation without unnecessary delays and equipment costs.  

HAVICO has expressed the need for specific adaptation of the presented model of the 2nd generation MSP lines for their value-added productions in the new factory under construction.

2.         The objective of the work is to:


    To prepare layout and specifications for the MSP processing department at HAVICO


    To draft detailed large scale arrangement drawings of the MSP department


    To assist HAVICO in evaluating tenders for the new production lines


    To assist SEAQIP and HAVICO in commissioning and running in of the production lines


The project is fulfilled by LarEll Associated Consultants for SEAQIP - DANIDA, Hanoi, Vietnam.

(May 2004)

Egypt, PSD Programme - Technical assistance under the Start Up facility.

The project is partly financed by the Royal Danish Embassy in Cairo under the PSD Programme with the purpose of carrying through a co-operation project on establishing a modern fish processing plant in Abu Simbel, sustainable fishery and aquaculture in Lake Nasser.

The objective of the project is to:

Upgrade the existing processing facility to EU standard.


Improve fishery on Lake Nasser


Design new fishing vessel and fishing gear


Evaluate the possibility for fish farming


Prepare Business Plan including market study

All the activities to be environmental friendly and sustainable.

The project is started in February 2004 and is expected to be finalised within one year.

During the Start-Up phase it is expected that an investigation of the markets will be conducted to identify the most suitable product mix for both the local and EU markets. Primarily, it is intended to investigate the possibility of breeding and producing Nile perch, as well as other species.

In terms of the technology, several recent technologies will be introduced, which are new to the Egyptian market.

Currently, most fishing on Lake Nasser is done out of small fishing boats, which can carry only limited amounts of catch with no control over the freshness between catching the fish and the processing facility. As mentioned above some technology introductions are expected to include better nets, long lines, and a new vessel better equipped for deep lake fishing with modern equipment, including a fish finder.

The Start-Up phase will also investigate introduction of advanced environmental measures, including minimising water and energy consumption and improving the utilization of raw materials. In addition, the partners plan to work out the layout for establishing a production of fish silage in order to utilise the offal from the fish processing and the downgraded catches, which could be turned into a stable, pelletised feed for animals.  

If, as expected, the results of the Start-Up phase are promising, further technology will be introduced to improve the production efficiency of the processing plant, as well as the fishing process itself and the handling of the product from catching to processing.  

Together the partners will prepare a detailed draft project and a complete business plan for the existing plant including the possibility of breeding and growing Nile Perch and other fish species.

The project will introduce new technologies, which will minimize the impact on the environment through reduced water and energy usage as well as other environment friendly measures, including:


Facility to process the offal from processing into silage and pellets for animal feeding


Facility for water recycling.

More about the project in Egypt - click here.                                                                          

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(February 2004)

Processing plant in Abu Simbel.

Pier and fish auction in Abu Simbel.

Typical fishing boat.

Hatchery in Abu Simbel. The basins.

Fishing boat on Lake Nasser.

Multipurpose Seafood Processing lines at CASEAFOOD, Vietnam.

Read more about the design of the MSP lines - click here.

Read more about the results from the production on the MSP lines - click here.

See the short video about the MSP lines - click here.

New production control system for MSP lines (November 2004) - click here.

It is now planned to make the first serie of the 2nd generation MSP lines for a seafood processor in Vietnam.

(April 2004)

New partner.

We are very pleased to inform all our visitors that the very experienced professor Piotr Bykowski have joined LarEll Associated Consultants as partner.

For contact details - click here.

To see professor Piotr Bykowsky's cv - click here.

(January 2004)

Sojusrybprom, Kaliningrad, Russia - Business plan.

Contract signed for the preparation of business plan for new production plant in Svetly.

Site for new production plant next to quay is shown on the photo.

(December 2003)

Koga-Maris Sp. z.o.o, Hel, Poland - Technical project.

From October to December 2003 have a technical project with principle layout for a new chill store for the anchovies production and layout, production calculations, project description, tendering and investments plans for the establishing of a new frozen sprat production in the existing chill store for anchovies production been elaborated. The technical project to be used for a SAPARD application for financial support from EU.  
(January 2004)


Existing chill store in Hel.

Latvia HACCP

Visit the new page with more information about implementation of HACCP in selected Latvian fish processing plants, including training of teachers and workers - by clicking here....
Consider to let LarEll do all the paperwork for you.
(August 2003)


Four new MSP lines for a total of 128 operators have been installed and the production started at CASEAFOOD in Cam Ranh, Vietnam.
Calculations based on the achieved results at CASEAFOOD shows an annual increase of the contribution margin with USD. 500.000.  The total investment in the MSP lines, raw material feeding system, baskets and misc. equipment is USD. 135.000 giving a pay-back time on the investment of a little less than 3 months.

Please let us make a proposal for your specific needs, in order to estimate the economical benefits you can get by using the new MSP lines for production of all kinds of seafood. The MSP lines can be adjusted to your specific needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information - click here to get an estimate of the economical benefits for your production.

For more detailed information about the MSP lines and the achieved results - click here.                (June 2003)

Peeling of shrimp on the MSP line.


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We also offer to help with advise on determine of your need for equipment and preparation of layout for the set-up - based on our normal conditions. Please ask what we can do for you.
(December 2002)


The new raw material handling and silage production department, which have been designed by LarEll - including the equipment, was installed and technical tested in January 2002 at Superfish S.A in Kolobrzeg.

The plant should increase the utilisation of the Baltic fish resources caught by Polish fishing vessels.

The building works is still not finalised when the photos were taken.

For more information about new environmental friendly technologies and silage click here....
(February 2002)

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