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LarEll offer comprehensive consulting services covering the areas: 

Sector planning, feasibility studies, layouts, design of processes and processing equipment, technology for exploitation of new species, construction and installation of machinery, starting-up production, staff training programmes for managers and operators, rationalisation and economy and quality control systems, international sales and marketing of consumer goods all and exclusively related to the fishery sector.

Sector planning
Feasibility studies

Layouts for new processing plants or processing lines

Design of processes and processing equipment - hygienic design

Design and implementation of HACCP plans
Elaboration of Business Plans
Technology for exploitation of new product types or species of raw material
Construction and installation of machinery
Start-up of new plants or processing lines
Training programmes for managers and operators
Design and implementation of Quality Assurance Systems, Environmental Management Systems and Cleaner Technology Procedures 

Market and consumer oriented product development

Elaboration of marketing plans for existing or new products on existing or new markets

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