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Belarus  - Santa Impex -  Preparation of detailed draft design for new marinated herring processing plant in Brest . The project included detailed layout, investment budget, technical installations, raw material and final product balances, process flow and descriptions, recipees and production manual for new product types.
Client: Santa Impex, Brest Belarus.


Denmark  - Amanda Konserves "555" A/S - Konsumindustriens Arbejdsgiverforening Assistance to the fish processing industry in Denmark in establishing a tailored concept for environmental protection management for the Industry based on ISO 14001. Implementation of the concept and procedures with the aim of certification under EMAS for the fish canning industry. Amanda Konserves “555” A/S is being used as the pilot industry for this implementation. The project was carried out in co-operation with two other consulting engineering companies. The other partners in the project have responsibility for implementation in the filleting and frozen products fish processing industries.
Client: Danish Agency for Environmental Protection (1997 - 2000).


Grand Lake – ILIC, Egypt -  Planning and detailed design of new upgraded fish processing plant for Grand Lake in Abu Simbel based on the business plan prepared under the PSD programme in 2004. Assist in finding of new international management. Assist in tendering, purchase and installation of processing equipment followed by start-up of processing plant including training of management and workers. Finally to assist in setup and implementation of HACCP. The new plant including fish farming and fishing operations to be approved for export of products to EU.

Egypt  - DANIDA PSD Programme - Co-operation project with Egyptian company Modern Structures and Equipment Ltd under the private sector development programme. The first phase of the project under the Start Up facility includes: Technical draft project and business plan for processing facility in Abu Simbel of EU standard; Introduction of environmental friendly productions and cleaner technologies, Increase efficiency of fishery and improve raw material handling and storage onboard the fishing boats; Design of new fishing vessel or purchase of second hand vessel, Feasibility study for farming of Nile Perch and a market survey for the Egyptian freshwater fish on the EU market. 
Client: Royal Danish Embassy in Cairo, Egypt (2004 - ongoing).

Egypt  - DANIDA PSD Programme - Grand Lake - Study tour to Egypt for establishing a business collaboration between LarEll , Denmark and Modern Structures & Equipment Co, Egypt in order to fulfil a project on establishing a modern fish processing plant and sustainable fishery.
Client: Royal Danish Embassy in Cairo, Egypt (2003).


Latvia – National Board of Fisheries – SAPARD – Preparation for application and use of the Support of Pre-accession Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (SAPARD) for the improvement of fish products, processing and marketing.
Client: Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Directorate for Food and Agro Business (2001 - 2003).
See the external evaluation of the project - in Danish only - click here and go to paragraph 8.1

Latvia – National Board of Fisheries - HACCP - Assistance to the Latvian fish processing industry by developing, piloting and implementation of an “own check programme” based on the HACCP concept, (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) to improve the quality, the export possibilities and the economy in the Industry.
Client: Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Directorate for Food and Agro Business (1998 - 2000).

Latvia  - Baka Ltd. -  Pre-feasibility study for smoked sprat canning plant with a capacity of 3500 tons of raw material per year. The overall purpose of the project was to assist the Latvian fishing industry “Baka Ltd.” in their privatisation efforts through the elaboration of a definite project for a modern smoked sprat canning plant able to produce on market economy terms. Strategically, the plant must emphasise the production of canned smoked sprat of high and consistent quality for the export market. The “high quality” image will enable the plant to establish itself as a reliable supplier of products to quality-conscious segments with a great purchasing power. The study included description and definition of conditions, process-flow, layout, production control system, offal handling, technical installations, investment budgets, market survey and cost-benefit analysis.
Client: Danish Ministry of Fisheries.


Lithuania  - Fisheries Department & UAB Krevete -  Implementation of cleaner technologies within the fishing industry. Design of new equipment for reuse of saltbrine for pretreatment of raw material before final marinating, smoking or drying.
Client: Danish Directorate of Food, Fisheries and Agro Business ( 2001 - 2002).
See the external evaluation of the project - in Danish only - click here and go to paragraph 11.4.

Lithuania  - Ministry of Agriculture Lithuania, Fisheries Department - 
An analysis of the industry's condition and performance including a strategy for preparing the industry for the Lithuanian admission to the EU. Project manager and responsible for the technical evaluation of the processing plants. 
Client: Danish Ministry of Food, Directorate of Development (1999 - 2000)  
See the external evaluation of the project - in Danish only - click here and go to paragraph 9.2.

Lithuania  - AB Siauliu Zuvis. -   Assistance to the fishing industry in Lithuania in preparation and presenting of rationalisation and modernisation plans (business plans) for companies seeking project financing through Western development banks, Governmental agencies or through participation of industrial partners.
Client: Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.

Lithuania - AB Siauliai Gela -  Developing and marketing of new fish products for the processing industry in Lithuania.
Client: Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries (1997).


Mozambique – DANIDA- In general to support the Department for Fish Inspection and Quality (DNP) and the provincial department for Fisheries in Beira. More specifically to assist in the: Preparation of guideline for establishing of new processing facilities, business plans, evaluation of vessels and shorebased processing facilities, training curricula etc. 
Client: DANIDA (2000).

Mozambique – DANIDA- In general to support the Department for Fish Inspection and Quality (DNP) and the provincial department for Fisheries in Beira in carrying out the planned activities for 1998 under the component B. More specifically to assist in the: Identification of processing plants suitable for upgrading, elaboration of business plans, elaboration of training material for fish processors, planning of market surveys and a study tour, preparatory work regarding the establishment of port infrastructure service facilities and preparation of the construction of a quality inspection laboratory in Beira, including the planning of laboratory staff training.
Client: DANIDA (1998 - 1999).

Mozambique Master Plan for the Fisheries Sector
Phase 1 of the elaboration of a master plan for the industrial and semi-industrial fisheries sectors of Mozambique including
; identification of sector problems and development objectives in a logical framework approach (LFA), work plans and terms of references for 17 man-months of consultancy services and finally sector reports and master plan document.
Client: DANIDA - Secretaria de Estado das Pescas, Maputo (1993).


Poland - Koga Maris Sp. z.o.o. Layout for new chill store and layout for new frozen sprat production plant including extension of existing cold store. The project includes layouts, flowcharts, description of processing, technical specifications and tendering.
Client: Koga Maris (2003 - 2004).

Poland - Danish Environmental Protection Agency & Superfish S.A.    Assistance to the Polish Fishing Industry by introduction and implementation of cleaner technology concepts in utilisation of natural Baltic fish resources including technical assistance to establish grading of fish catches directly from vessels, set-up silage processing plant and to marketing the silage as animal feed.
Client: NIRAS (2000 - 2002).

Poland  - Karsin S.C. -  Preparation of draft project including layout, new product assortment and business plan for a new canning plant to be build in connection to the existing plant in Karsin.
Client: Karsin S.C. by Mr. Jacek Schomburg (2000 - 2001).

Poland  - Losos Sp. z.o.o. -  Preparation of draft project including layout, process description, capacity balances and investment budget for a new cannery with a capacity of 50 mio. cans per year.
Client: Losos Sp. z.o.o. Ustka (2000).

Poland  - Superfish S.A. -  Preparation of layout and investment budget for a new preliminary processing plant.
Client: Superfish S.A. Kukinia (2000).


Philippines  - Harini Fisheries -  Preparation of layout for high quality tuna processing plant in the Philippines including process flows and recommendation on construction materials and details in order to fulfil the highest demands for modern processing facilities.
Client: Intertec A/S, Aarhus Denmark (2002).


Vietnam - SEAQIP - DANIDA -  Developing the 2nd generation MSP line for implementation at HAVICO in Vung Tau for their production of value added products in the new processing plant being under construction.
Client: DANIDA (2004-ongoing).

Vietnam - SEAQIP - DANIDA -  Design and implementation of a computerised production control system for the MSP lines in CASEAFOOD. Including training of managers and operators in the use of the system for optimising of the production yield and productivity.  The final implemented system and the results achieved will be presented for the entire seafood processing industry in Vietnam at a seminar.
Client: DANIDA (2003-2005).

Vietnam - SEAQIP - DANIDA - Testing of new Multipurpose Seafood Processing lines at CASEAFOOD in Cam Ranh. 
Client: DANIDA (2003).

Vietnam - SEAQIP - DANIDA -  Introduction of clean technologies and wastewater treatment in the seafood industry. Design of Multiple Purpose Seafood Processing Line including testing of prototype full-scale line in one selected seafood processing industry. 
Client: DANIDA (2002).

Vietnam – SEAQIP - DANIDA - Implementation of cleaner technology - An analysis of the current situation with respect to environmental impact and environmental management in the seafood processing industry and to provide guidelines and recommendations for future interventions by SEAQIP phase 2, with a view to the most effective use of allotted resources.
Client: DANIDA (1999).


Russia  - Sojusrybprom, Kaliningrad . -   Business plan for establishing of a modern fish processing plant and cold stores in Svetly, Kaliningrad . The production is based on fresh and frozen raw material from the company’s Baltic Sea fleet. 
Client: Sojusrybprom (2004 - ongoing).

Russia  - Kaliningrad Trawl Fleet Corporation. -   Business plan for establishing of a modern fish processing plant and cold stores in Kaliningrad . The production is based on frozen raw material from the company’s high sea fleet. The project is prepared for stepwise extensions of the plant and for flexible production lines. The project includes implementation of energy saving thawing methods, management systems for quality assurance and construction of modern cold stores.
Client: Danish Ministry of Fisheries.

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